I am senior designer specialized in human centered digital products and services, focused on sustainable user experience, usability and accessibility. Being at the same time creative and pragmatic, I like to turn passions into work and I consider myself a reliable and determined person.

Everyday I choose to be surrounded with many cultural stimuli and I always try to keep myself updated because i believe these attitudes are essential to create and promote innovative projects. I'm used to work in teams composed by people from different countries, usually adopting English as common language; teamwork suits me particularly because i'm sociable and I establish since the first time a good relationship with other people.

I prefer agile methodologies and I develop projects either independently or as a leader of dedicated medium-sized teams, dealing simultaneously with the several company functions and both internal and external stakeholders. I have good organizational skills due to my rational decisions; I like punctuality and precision and I am used to work to achieve goals and tasks.